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Collaborative Lawyer and Mediator
Attorney Timpany is a trained collaborative mediator who can help you resolve your dispute.  In a collaborative mediation, the mediator assists the parties in exploring the issues, brainstorming and arriving at a result acceptable to all parties. The mediator is neutral and is not permitted to give the parties legal advice.  The process is voluntary.  The outcome is determined and controlled by the parties.
Unlike traditional mediation, the collaborative mediator does not caucus separately and does not decide or make recommendations about the outcome. Also, the parties must agree not to litigate or threaten to litigate, because one of the primary goals of this process is to avoid going to court.
Collaborative mediation allows for the use of a team approach, and can include other collaboratively-trained neutral professionals such as a divorce coach, child specialist or financial planner. It can be less costly than litigating because the parties share the costs of the mediation, and no money is wasted on unproductive fighting.  The process uses transparent, respectful communitions.  The parties are encouraged to seek out collaboratively-trained attorneys for legal advice and to draft and review their final agreements. The process is confidential, and team members communicate openly and freely with each other.
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